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Eighth Grade

Eighth Grade focuses on developing Mind and Feeling. 


  • Body, Voice, Mind and Feeling are developed through Formal Theatre. 

  • Theatre Terminology and Speech Terms are reviewed and evaluated. 

  • Improvisation is introduced incorporating the skills developed through Group Pantomime, group responsibilities selected, scene determined, and roles identified. 

  • History of Theatre is discussed by selected periods. 


The final project is the presentation of a scene from a Period Play.  Students prepare their script, determine necessary props and/or scenery, construct a costume piece,and prepare a poster to promote their scene.  The scene is presented to an audience of peers, parents, teachers, and administrators.

Improvisation and Period Play

Mind, Feeling, Body and Voice

A group of students select a scene to Improvise where they prepare a role, determine age, select objects, and identify motive as they prepare ideas for dialogue and action pattern.

Student groups select a Period Play, select character, prepare lines, objects,

set, scenery, action pattern, and costume piece.



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