Eighth Grade

Eighth Grade focuses on developing Mind and Feeling. 


  • Body, Voice, Mind and Feeling are developed through Formal Theatre. 

  • Theatre Terminology and Speech Terms are reviewed and evaluated. 

  • Improvisation is introduced incorporating the skills developed through Group Pantomime, group responsibilities selected, scene determined, and roles identified. 

  • History of Theatre is discussed by selected periods. 


The final project is the presentation of a scene from a Period Play.  Students prepare their script, determine necessary props and/or scenery, construct a costume piece,and prepare a poster to promote their scene.  The scene is presented to an audience of peers, parents, teachers, and administrators.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.


Improvisation and Period Play

Mind, Feeling, Body and Voice

A group of students select a scene to Improvise where they prepare a role, determine age, select objects, and identify motive as they prepare ideas for dialogue and action pattern.

Student groups select a Period Play, select character, prepare lines, objects,

set, scenery, action pattern, and costume piece.



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