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About the Author

Margie Mitchell taught Middle School students for 37 years, 35 of which were in Barrington, Illinois.  She has a B.S. in Education, a M.S. in Education, and a M.A. in Theatre.  She created and developed the Drama program at Barrington Middle School--Prairie Campus teaching Drama to all Sixth, Seventh, and Eighth grades.  She has directed more than 30 full productions and formed a Readers and Chamber Theatre Troupe.  Besides teaching Drama, Margie has taught literature, grammar, and writing, and several of her works have been published in Odyssey, a local literary magazine.

Margie received the Outstanding Contribution Award in the Creative Drama Division of the Illinois Theatre Association, helped write the Fine Arts Standards for the State of Illinois, and was an Item Writer for the Illinois Standards Achievement Test in Fine Arts.

When not writing or reading, Margie enjoys sports, music, and her animals.


If you have any questions, please contact or call (847) 842-9631

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